How to Use the Career Guides


The purpose of the Career Guide is to help you understand your occupation, your career path, and what you may personally need to do to develop, advance, or even change your career. The Guide can help you learn more about the careers that are available to someone with your skills and training and identify the path you need to take to get there.

A career path is the road that will lead you to your career goals. Seniority and years of experience alone will not guarantee promotions. That's because a career path represents increasingly more skilled, difficult, and responsible work within an occupation. Becoming familiar with the typical path for your occupation, learning as much as you can about your profession and deciding on an individual path that's right for you are steps that you can take to improve your ability to advance your career.

Before you begin exploring the Guides you should know that:

  • Guides are based on your occupational title and may be different from your role or work title. For example, your role title may be Building Trades Technician III, but your occupation may be Carpenter, Electrician, etc.

  • The Guide describes work that typically is performed by employees in a given occupation in any work environment, not just within State Government.

  • The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) described in the Guide are based on the technical expertise commonly recognized by most employers, and may vary from what is required of the job you currently hold.




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